After my husband and I adopted our twin boys from Russia, I had to find a career that fit into our plan.

Joe and I decided that I would stay home and raise the boys. Money was tight, so when they started Kindergarten, I went back to work. As both of us came from a hard-working middle-class background and our money situation caused a lot of stress, we didn’t want to waste money; we wanted to make more of it!

Being back in the factory was not settling for me. I’ve always helped people out whenever I could because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I came to realize this after doing the same thing over and over again, day in and day out. I’ve always been a problem solver, so my mind was always trying to come up with ideas to solve problems.

Helping people make a difference in their lives is very fulfilling. Living the dream is the ultimate goal and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

About AGENT NAME, CITY ST real estate agent

During this time, I always knew I wanted to keep on helping people make a difference in their lives. So in July of 2008, after a grueling 3 months of real estate classes, I got my real estate license. I was taking these classes while raising a family and working full-time. I hardly had any free time. But I kept on reminding myself of the “why”, which was to help people and be able to raise my family on my own terms! This kept pushing me forward.

The first year in real estate was tough because I only had 2 small sales. I was getting very discouraged. Then, at the start of 2009, I started writing business plans. This also gave me a reason to keep moving forward. Even during the downturn of the housing market, I kept on getting more and more sales. I was pretty proud of myself and my decision to get into the real estate industry.

All the hardships from the past and the joy of our boys coming into our lives gave me great strength! Our trials and tribulations shine a light on who we are today.

The greatest journey of our lives had begun shaping the future.

As a parent, I wondered if all the teachings of working hard, saving money, manners, etc., affected their lives.

Then one day, after a long time, a young client called me back to let me know that he was ready to look for houses. His demeanor and quiet style reminded me of my boys, and I knew they’d be ok.

I admired him for taking the time to ask questions, getting pre-approved, and being polite. I enjoyed working with him.

I’m very grateful for all the questions and research a client has about a home or the market.

I want to help you find the home of your dreams and open the next chapter in your life. I’ll take the stress out of the process and be there for you with constant communication. I’ll let you know what you need to do next and keep the transaction moving forward.

My mission is simple: to serve clients and build relationships with them for life!